Murtaza Bharmal
2 min readNov 6, 2018

Should I pay for maintaining and upgrading my mobile or web app? How much upgrade and mobile app maintenance costs in reality? These questions are trending ones and everyone needs an answer. Here you will get to know the real cost of upgrading and maintaining an application.

In beginning mobile app development proves to be little costly, but many app owners forget the continued maintenance cost for mobile app. These fees differ from app to app and can play a meaningful role to your app’s total profitability. Hence, you should wisely take decision and consider the ongoing mobile app maintenance cost. Here you will get overview of each expense, amount of efforts needed for the maintenance services and reason to maintain mobile app.


All of the hard work is finished and you finally submit your app to App store and/or Google Play. Now, your app may also be downloaded with the aid of the customers and deliver you revenue within the effect. So is that a happy finish of your app development story? Nope. It’s simply an end of the chapter. Now the real fight for user’s awareness begins! And how do we find out what to and what steps you must restrict? Handy, look at the losers and don’t repeat their mistakes. Hence, we’re curious about reasons why apps fail. There used to be a research achieved with the aid of Standish group, they have requested IT executives one query — “why do the apps fail?”, listed below are the answers they acquired:

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